PXPOHIO specializes in the highest quality commercial offset and digital printing as well as direct mail.

A quest for excellence has always been a goal for PXPOHIO. We listen, act on the information we receive and deliver the best possible products to our customers. We take pride in partnering with our customers and we’re here to assist you with your printing needs. Whether it’s a large job or a small one, we deliver print quality that will exceed your expectations. From concept to completion, our attention to detail remains a constant. Our reliability and timeliness will give you peace of mind. After all, we’ve been providing Printing Excellence Since 1971.

Our Mission:
“To create extraordinary products that build productive and lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees, while remaining an environmentally conscious company where exceptional quality and personal service are our primary directives for continued success.”


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Is printing still relevant?

Printing plays a significant role in the U.S. and Worldwide economies. Despite the myths you may have heard, print is big, print is green and print is here to stay.

If you are a business owner or marketer, print is an effective and important tool you should never forget.

To read more about the printing industry’s impact in the U.S. and Worldwide, click on the image below:

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PXPOHIO wishes our own Brad Shields a very Happy Birthday! Brad is a first shift pressman and our handyman extraordinaire. Brad is one of those rare people who miraculously knows how to do just about everything....


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On June 20, 2016 PXPOHIO had the renowned fortuity to enlist Ted Puesecker into our project management ranks. Ted came to PXP with an effective and commendable background that gave him the ability to hit the ground running. For years our project management team had been a two person operation. However, our need to acquire Ted gave us clear evidence of our growth. We are fortunate to have him and proud to acknowledge that at this point we have made a full journey around our sun with Ted....


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Top 10 Mistakes Salespeople Make - Mistake #9: Forgetting to care about their business, industry, threats and future - When an existing customer calls you right now, do they say, A) "I need to get a price" or B) "I need your help with a project"? The rep who answers A might enjoy a customer relationship that includes a wide variety of items sold, but they will lose that account on price. The rep who answers B is seen as a resource to the organization and their future is far more secure because of their demonstration of print knowledge and customer knowledge. Unlike Jerry's Latex Salesman...Art Vandelay....

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