PXPohio is Green Printing

PXPOHIO – We wrote the book on green printing.

PXPOHIO has been a pioneer and continues to be a leader in the Green Printing movement.

In 1995, we were the first printer in Central Ohio to initially implement Waterless Printing Technology, which is an environmentally sound technique. Later, PXPOHIO became the first commercial printer in the state to use a chemistry free printing plate. This eliminated all possible Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the printing process. VOCs are air pollutants that contribute to greenhouse effects and are linked to several health issues.

As a member of the community, PXPOHIO feels an obligation to pursue “green” printing processes. We will continue to use techniques that are environmentally responsible, economically feasible, and which maintain the quality in printing that every customer should expect.

What you can do

Many choices are available for you to alleviate the environmental impact of your marketing material. Try some of these helpful suggestions:
• Use an environmentally friendly paper
• Keep your mailing lists updated to eliminate undeliverable addresses
• Implement an office recycling program
• Encourage recipients of your printed material to recycle the pieces when they are finished
• Use water based coatings instead of plastic or polystyrenes
• Use a printer that has a proven track record of being environmentally safe

PXPOHIO is happy to work with you to create printed pieces that look great while reducing the negative effects on our environment. Please contact a PXPOHIO representative to discuss what options would be best for your next project. 

Great printing is about more than just putting ink on paper.
At PXPOHIO we have always understood the importance of reducing our impact on the environment. We are a leader in eco-friendly printing processes; setting high standards within our organization and throughout the industry. Gene Scott, PXPOHIO’s founder, worked with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for many years, and played an instrumental part in the genesis of ENVIROPRINT OHIO.

Recycled Paper

With so many variations of substrates available, it can be difficult to identify recycled paper that is effectively making a difference in the world. Post-consumer recycled paper is one option which involves the reuse of paper fibers after final customer use. This means that the paper is returned into the manufacturing process after it has completed its final purpose. Pre-consumer recycled paper is created from recaptured paper fibers while still in the manufacturing process. This is done to minimize waste from production. PXPOHIO takes initiative to recycle all waste paper from their printing procedures. You can redirect paper waste from entering landfills by using recycled paper and encouraging your customers to recycle your printed materials.

Forest Harvesting Practices

Unfortunately, due to the composition of paper, it cannot be recycled indefinitely. To maintain an acceptable quality for printing purposes, virgin wood fibers must be combined with the recycled paper fibers during the milling process. Therefore, support of environmentally protective methods of harvesting wood becomes important to the future of our forests and streams. Organizations designed to regulate these procedures oversee that certified forests are managed in an environmentally responsible manner. Through our paper suppliers, PXPOHIO can help determine substrates that meet these regulations for your next project.

Alternative Fibers

Using different sources of fiber in your paper stock can reduce the demand on forest harvesting. Alternative fiber examples include bamboo, cotton, or sugar cane. While commonly restricted to text and cover grade substrates, these fibers help highlight the overall feel of your printed piece.

Renewable Energy Sources

Another choice is to use paper that is manufactured with renewable energy. Some paper mills are actually harnessing natural forms of energy such as wind power to supplement their production needs. This energy is much healthier for our environment, and is used to make a terrific quality of paper.

More Information

If you would like to learn more about any of the options discussed above, please contact a PXPOHIO representative.