PXPohio History

PXPOHIO – A History:

It all started with Lawhead Press in Athens, Ohio

To properly trace the roots of PXPOHIO one must go all the way back to 1911, Athens County, Ohio. There, a company known as The Lawhead Press, Inc. began as a full-service commercial printer serving Athens to Columbus, Ohio, as well as Parkersburg and Charleston, West Virginia.

By the early 1960’s, Lawhead had grown and prospered. Pete and Theodora Good, both principal owners of the company, owned a horse farm near Athens, Ohio called “Good Acres” and it was during this time they hired a young man named Gene Scott, to help tend to and train their horses. Theodora took a liking to Gene and encouraged her husband Pete to offer this young man a job as a printing salesman at their Athens, Ohio company. Gene was placed under the tutelage of Glen Downey who would mentor Gene in printing sales and the two men became good friends.

In the latter part of the 60’s Lawhead’s Columbus market share was growing. Glen and Gene were spending an increasing amount of time burning up the highway of State Route 33 between Athens and Columbus. The two convinced John Good, the President of Lawhead at that time, to invest in a sales office in Columbus. By doing so they could reduce their trips back and forth to Athens and have more time to grow their sales. It wasn’t long before the two men moved their families from Athens to the growing suburban areas of Columbus. The market for smaller jobs with faster turn-around times was growing quickly in Columbus. It was difficult for Lawhead to compete in this arena with the fact that any job would have to be transported to Athens to be produced and then transported back to Columbus for delivery.

Glen Downey and Gene Scott decided that the time was right to start up a new company, a spinoff of sorts of Lawhead. The two approached Lawhead’s president, John Good and his brother Pete and were given the green light. Glen and Gene developed a separate, brand new company that would work hand in hand with Lawhead and meet the Columbus demand of quick turn-around, simple, black only printing. John and Pete Good, Glen Downey and Gene Scott would commit to a four-way partnership to develop and begin what would be known as Dowsco, Inc., doing business as Pony-X-Press, a name that was derived from the idea of providing a quick turnaround of printing.

Pony-X-Press early 70's

Pony-X-Press Fast Copy Service Center on East Broad Street in Downtown, Columbus in 1971

Pony X Press mid to late 70's on Third Avenue, Grandview Area

Pony-X-Press mid to late 70’s on Third Avenue, Grandview Area

Pony-X-Press opens its doors in 1971

The year was 1971 and Pony-X-Press Fast Copy Service Center opened its doors on East Broad Street in Downtown, Columbus.

In the early 70’s, photocopy machines were not widely available. If you needed copies you would go to quick printers like Pony-X-Press. The new little printing company did well and continued to grow. In the mid-70’s Pony-X-Press had out grown its downtown location and moved to Grandview on West Third Avenue.

Pony-X-Press would continue to grow and expand capabilities under the leadership of Glen Downey who had been serving as company president. The company was able to produce a growing number of jobs in-house without the need to send them back to Lawhead in Athens.

Just a few years later in the late 1970’s the company outgrew another building and would re-locate just a few streets over to 909 West Fifth Avenue. Pony-X-Press was beginning to revolutionize their pre-press type-setting department through the help of Dan Robinson who was developing and building the department from the ground up. Within months Pony-X-Press emerged as the first printer to apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and automatic page generation in electronic typesetting.

Winds of change

In 1981, the company began converting a variety of word processing disks to electronic information, enabling the company to create databases, mailing lists and directories.

By the mid-80’s, Pony-X-Press was still owned by Gene Scott and John Good, but Pete Good had sold his portion of the business to the other three. Glen Downey then retired and sold his share of the company to Gene and John. Now, John was ready to step down as president of Lawhead Press handing the company over to his son, Scott Good. Soon after Scott Good took over as President of Lawhead, the symbiotic relationship that Lawhead Press and Pony-X-Press had shared from inception, dissolved quickly.

Gene was able to successfully separate Pony-X-Press from Lawhead Press with the help of his old friend Glen Downey. The separation would leave Gene as the only remaining director of Dowsco, Incorporated. Pony-X-Press Printing Services was now on its own and a little leaner during the first few post separation years. The company was now located at 2050 Fairwood Avenue. Pony-X-Press ultimately would survive through these transitional years, but sadly the company’s benefactor and Gene’s dear friend and colleague Glen Downey passed away in 1993. Following this loss the company continued to forge ahead and would begin to work to get back some of the key people that the company had lost following the separation. Dan Robinson agreed to rejoin the company in the early 1990’s. Don Nichols, who had always been affiliated with Pony-X-Press, but had officially been employed by Lawhead, also made the decision to leave the troubled, former parent company and once again join with Gene on his new venture.

With the help of these two key players along with the new and remaining talent that the company was continuing to develop, Pony-X-Press would continue to improve and grow. In 1993 Pony-X-Press would relocate once again, this time the company would move eastward to our current Reynoldsburg facility. Through the mid-90’s, Pony-X-Press would become the first printer in Central Ohio to utilize Waterless Printing Technology, an environmentally friendly printing technique.

Gene Scott, John Good & Glen Downey

Gene Scott, John Good & Glen Downey

2050 Fairwood Avenue

2050 Fairwood Avenue

Gene D Scott

Gene D Scott
President & CEO of PXPOHIO until 2013

PXPOHIO current location

PXPOHIO current location in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.


Greg Scott
Current President & CEO
With PXPOHIO since 1990

Innovation and growth

In 2000, Pony-X-Press would continue to lead the way by introducing a completely digital pre-press operation. In 2003, the company was the first to use Stochastic (FM) Screening and chemistry-free plates as a standard for offset printing. The following year the company would usher in the addition of online storefront ordering.

At the end of 2005 Pony-X-Press would finally discontinue its moniker and would begin 2006 fresh with PXPOHIO, a new name and a new logo. Our name change was meant to reflect our growth beyond our original quick printing services, as well as our growing leadership within the printing arena. Currently PXPOHIO maintains an operation that is completely film and chemistry free, making the company one of the most environmentally friendly printers around. In 2007 the company expanded its repertoire once more with the addition of digital printing for short run and variable data projects.

In late November of 2013 the company was hit hard by the sudden loss of their fearless leader, Gene Scott. Gene had the foresight, however, to have things in place that would enable him to assume a smaller and smaller role in the daily activities of running the company. It was this forward thinking that enabled the company to mourn its loss and keep marching forward without skipping a beat. With Gene’s passing, his wife Linda assumed ownership of the company. In early 2014 Gene’s son, Greg Scott, who had been with the company in various positions since 1990, took over Gene’s position as the company’s new President and CEO. Greg would ensure that his father’s PXP brand, along with its high standards were maintained as the company’s discriminating customers had come to expect.

September 2015 would see PXPOHIO have a sudden and significant growth after a merger with Odyssey Press, Inc. and Colorfast Digital of Westerville, Ohio. This collaboration would allow PXPOHIO to institute a stronger position within Central Ohio as one of the more robust, well established full-service printing companies in the region.

As PXPOHIO moves forward, the company continues to refine its high end offset printing capabilities as well as update its pre-press and digital printing capabilities. Through our PXPonline storefront we offer a one-stop shop that is open around the clock to handle orders according to the customer’s schedule. Utilizing branded storefronts, customers have total control of their company’s brand and products. Together, our services work to produce and move quality printed pieces from conception to the end user faster and more efficiently than ever before.

PXPOHIO has highly experienced and talented people that produce made to order printed pieces in addition to an ever growing number of services. By combining old world craftsmanship of the past with high-tech wizardry of the future, PXPOHIO creates a combined value that is unsurpassed.

PXPOHIO, providing our customers with exceptional quality and personal service, yesterday, today, tomorrow and beyond…