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Mailing & Fulfillment Services

PXPohio Printing Mailing


Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool. Add targeted marketing components and you have a potent advertising strategy. PXPOHIO will work with you to develop a plan to maximize your return while maintaining your budget. We will also help you navigate all the current postal regulations to ensure your project mails in the most efficient manner.

We have included some basic guidelines below for standard card sizes, but please call if you have any questions about an upcoming project. We are always here to help.

Standard Card Sizes


Commercial Printing Fulfillment


PXPOHIO offers excellent customer service… not only in the beginning of your job process, but also through to the very end. We offer multiple methods of placing fulfillment orders, including phone, fax, e-mail and/or our PXPonline ordering system. Quality inventory control ensures accurate and intricate record keeping. We are able to report all inventory activity and order processing for every customer. We warehouse completed products and static print bases. This ensures accurate tracking of all print-on-demand pieces to give our customers more precise records of actual used inventory and to keep overruns of excess stock at a cost-efficient minimum.