Packaging a File from Indesign

1. Check your document for any missing links

Go to the main menu Window>Links. The Red circles indicate missing graphics that need to be linked. The Yellow triangles indicate images that have been modified and just need to be updated.

For more tips on checking your file before Packaging use the link below.
File Preparation Tips

2. Choose File>Package from the main menu

3. Review your settings

4. Include Press-Ready PDF file

If including a PDF, refer to the link below on how to create a Press-Ready PDF from Indesign and save your settings as a Preset.

There are also tips for checking your file before packaging at the link below.

5. Compress file for Uploading

Package your file. Then finally, on a Mac, Right-click or Control-click and Compress (Zip) the folder you just created. PC’s have the equivalent function as well. This makes it easier to upload to our FTP service by keeping everything together in one file when uploading and downloading.