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If you have not already done so and are using Adobe InDesign, please use the Package function to gather all of your files needed to print your job. Instructions can be found here.

We highly recommend gathering all files into one folder and compressing the folder OR highlighting all files and THEN compressing them to insure reliable file transfer. Either way creates a single .zip file which makes uploading jobs with multiple files easier and better organized. Files can be compressed using the following methods:

Mac (OSX): Right-Click on folder or highlighted files and choose “Compress” or “Archive” depending on OSX version.


PC: Right-Click on folder or highlighted files and choose “Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder”


Files should be labeled with your company name and a short descriptive title:

i.e. – ACME CO-March Broch

If you are having trouble with the form or are uploading files greater than form allows, use the following link to login directly – https://pxpohio.sharefile.com

Username: ftp@pxpohio.com
Password: pxpftp

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 If you have any questions or need assistance please call us at (614) 575-4242 ext. 209.

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